Art 2 Portfolio

1. I think my most successful project was "Dude, you got it all over! " I wasn't too enthusiastic about this project at first. We had to paint, which I'm not that great at, and all of my ideas for the the theme, "sticky situation", seemed too similar to my classmates ideas. Suddenly I remembered I had experimented with melting crayons onto canvas over the summer. You can get a texture that looks like it should be something sticky or gooey by doing so. While I was brainstorming I wrote something down about how when you spill a drink it can make a surface sticky so I combined the ideas.

To make this , I painted the cups and the table.There was nothing really special about my painting technique, although I really liked the way the last cup turned out. Then I hot glued crayons down onto the painting. The last step was using a hair dryer to melt the crayons, which was the most fun part of the whole project.

Overall I think this was my most successful project because not only did I like the way it looked, it was also the first project that I started trying to new things, and thinking less about "will other people like it?", and more of  "will I have fun doing this?"

2. I had to overcome the most obstacles with my jean project. The first problem I faced was not knowing how to create it. I tried a few different methods, but tracing the piece, and cutting it out with scissors seemed to work the best. The biggest problem I faced though was how long it took. It was a really slow process, and I kept missing pieces. Then I decided to start taping the pieces together. It started getting easier and easier the more I did it, but it was frustrating at first. I think I got a lot better at problem solving with this project. I also learned that I need to be a lot more organized, and think everything through before I do it.

3. The drawing with the cats was my first project this semester, Miley was my last. It may not visibly show how much I progressed this year with these two pieces, but to me this really represents how my outlook has changed. The first piece was something I was really comfortable with, drawing in pencil. Although I was comfortable with the medium, I was way too indecisive with my ideas. I started two other drawings before I did this one.

 When I was brainstorming for the 3D project it didn't take me long to think of Miley. I instantly knew that it was the one I wanted to do, and didn't second guess it. The only experience I had with sculpting prior to this project was stuff I did in elementary school, but I didn't worry me that much. I just dove into the project.

4. I really loved the way we were taught this year. I think the themes made us think more creatively, and it was so interesting what other people did. For my up close and personal project I did a fight scene, but other people did things like animals up close, or things that were personal to them. Getting to choose our medium was great too. I think the teachers made a really good system for it. For almost every project we had to use a specific skill, like painting, but we could decide what kind of paint we wanted to use. It made sure our skills were well rounded in each area, but still gave us freedom. I don't think I would have grown nearly as much if art wasn't like how it is now, and I look forward to taking it more in the future!

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