Drawing Final

1.       Which project was your most successful? 
I think my most successful project was my opacity. Coincidently, it was the one I dreaded the most going into. I thought that I was horrible at drawing glass and other transparent things, but it didn't turn out that bad. I actually really like it. I was originally going to just draw the bottle, but Ms.Rossi suggested I draw my whole lunch. I took a bunch of photos of my lunch and decided this was the best composition. I put it on brown paper because there was a lot of brown all throughout the photo and I though that would make it easier. I colored it with prismas and it took a really long time, but I think it paid off.

2.      Discuss one project where you felt you were the least successful
I think the least successful was my smartie. I just think the colors ended up so ugly, and it got so messy with all those random marks at the top and bottom. I'm just not very good with light colors. I have to work on that, as well as coloring transparent things. I think the thing that made other peoples drawings for this project so great was the wrapper around it, and I didn't do very well on that. It doesn't look like there's plastic on it besides the ends. I do like the end parts though. Probably because they're brightly colors, and have some decent highlights. 
3.      Look at your body of work over the semester and choose 2 pieces that show your growth as an artist. 

The sheets were the first time I used charcoal on colored paper, and my self portrait was the last. I discovered that I really enjoyed using charcoal in the fabric project. It mad it easy for me to work quickly, and portray my own style. It was easy to show a big contrast in lights and darks, and I loved the way it looked to leave some red in the drawing. I used charcoal on colored paper for one other project besides these two, and then eventually did my self portrait. I had learned how to create smoother transitions with charcoal by the time I did this. It's still kind of rough, but I think it's a lot softer compared to the first one.  
A lot had changed with me as an artist since I did the first one. We did the fabric project towards the beginning of the semester, and the self portrait towards the end. By the end we started developing our own ideas for projects, instead of just drawing from a still life in the middle of the room. It helped me think more creatively, and I started thinking more about composition. The composition for my self portrait probably could've been a little better, but I think I did a better job at coming up with it than I would have earlier in the semester. 
I really like both of these pieces, and I learned a lot from creating both of them.

4.      Choose 2 mini lessons that you felt were the most beneficial in your learning for that particular project
 I think the ribbons helped a lot in drawing the sheets. Drawing light on dark paper is really good practice for value, because it's not typically how people draw and it makes you think of your subject in a different way. I think it also helped a lot because of its odd shape.  Drawing basic shapes is done to practice value as well, but I think that you learn more from drawing more complex things. The ribbon was twisted in an odd way and it was harder to portray than just a sphere. The fabric was also a more challenging thing to shade. It had many wrinkles all throughout it and I had to observe and think about the shadows in the same way. Drawing the ribbon was also the first time I used white charcoal. I learned ways to show different values with it, like drawing lightly so some parts looked gray. It was good practice and helped a lot for the actual project. 

This is the hershey kiss I did before our transition project. I didn't like it and I didn't like the final project that much either, but i learned more about drawing metallic objects. I learned the transition from light to dark is what really makes it look like metal. The wrapper ranged from very darks to very lights. I could've made the transition between those a lot smoother and that would've made it look more reflective. I probably need to get better at shading smoothly before I can successfully draw metallic objects. I think this exercise helped a lot in the transition project also because I drew the hershey kiss so large. In the final project I drew them much smaller, and I think drawing it beforehand in a larger way made it easier to draw.

5.      What medium was your favorite to work with? Explain. 

My favorite medium to work with was black and white charcoal on colored paper. I used that on three projects, and I used that a lot for practice or just drawing for fun. I really love it because it's colorful, but you don't have to use color. Using black and white is a lot simpler than drawing with colors. You don't have to worry about the colors getting too busy, and you can put a lot of emphasis on darks. I also just find using charcoal a lot more enjoyable than pencil sometimes because it's a lot softer. I work very quickly with charcoal, which is a good thing because I get bored if I work on something for too long. I also really like the way it looks when you can see some of the paper underneath, it looks a lot more interesting than it would with white paper. Using color paper also makes the piece very eye catching. I was surprised I liked this medium so much because I use to hate charcoal, but its really grown on me 

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