Sunday, April 19, 2015

Smartie and Dum Dum

If you showed these two pieces to a random person I don't think they would ever guess they were done by the same person. I'm so proud of how the dum dum turned out (besides the writing on it), and am so disappointed in the smartie.
I think the hardest thing about the smartie was that you couldn't do fine details easily with the chalk pastels. I've always had a pretty tough time with chalk pastels. I think chalk pastels look best when it's very smooth and soft, but my style is more rough and messy. I probably should've tried to be more soft than usual, but i was curious to see how it would work out. It didn't end up super horrible, but I think it would've improved a lot if I just gave in and drew less stylistically for once. 
I'm so happy with how the dum dum looks! I told myself when I first started working on it that I wouldn't use weird colors like I always do and I would try to make it look as real as possible. Obviously I went back on my word, but I like the transition from more realistic to less. I think it looks really nice. I love prismas so much and I'm so happy I got to work with more than just the usual 12 color set I have at home. I need to start saving up money and buy one of those giant sets because you can do so many amazing things with them. The biggest problem I had with the dum dum was the words on the wrapper. Next time I draw words I'll make sure I sketch the out beforehand! I don't know why I didn't it. I just did the outline of the wrapper and its wrinkles and thought that would be good enough, but obviously i was wrong. I still love it though and I can't wait to do more prisma drawings.


These are my eggs. You might not be able to tell that they're eggs because the assignment was to color them with weird colors. And also I just didn't do that great of a job lol. 
I don't know why I have a problem with such basic things, but I can excel at more difficult things. It's kind of funny, but also frustrating. The egg on the table isn't that bad, but the egg in the cup looks too long, and not rounded enough at certain parts. The shadows are also pretty bad; they just look like they don't belong. I do think that I chose really pretty colors though and they almost make up for the weird egg. Also the lighting ended up really interesting, and it was pretty fun to find the different values with abnormal colors.  

Perspective Project

Perspective Project

My perspective project is supposed to be a giant person lying down in a city. Or maybe they're a normal sized person lying down in a really tiny city. I guess it's just up to the viewer. 
I came up with this idea because I've wanted to improve on drawing buildings for a really long time now. The idea of drawing buildings is really intimidating to me though, so I decided to add in the aspect of people, or a person, because that's what I draw best. 
I think it's a decent piece considering my lack of experience in drawing buildings, but at the same time I think a lot of it looks really weak. The buildings are all too blockish, and don't have enough variation between them besides height. The building right behind the first foot is a mess. I did a really bad job with the windows. I think if I had kept them all the same shape it might've been better, but those square windows make it look hideous and I was honestly being so lazy, and I'm kind of embarrassed I did something like that. I think overall I could have put a lot more detail and thought into the buildings. 
My strongest part should've been the feet, but both of them are a little odd looking. The one in the front isn't that bad, but I just feel like the foot doesn't go perfectly with the leg. The one in the back looks so weird. I think they both could've looked a lot better if I had found better references. 
I think what redeemed all of those bad things was the composition. I usually don't have a good eye for compositions, but I think I did a really good job on this one. I like how it's really busy on the left and more relaxed on the right. I think one thing that would've made it better though is if I had added more things around the city like cars, or signs, or maybe even little people. I think next time I do a piece that's based off of my imagination I need to make more detailed plans in advance.