Friday, September 27, 2013

Lady Gaga - Vogue Magazine Cover [United States] (March 2011)
1. The font is Baskerville Old Face, and is in a very large font. The color is black, and is place behind Lady Gaga's head. I think it looks nice, and makes her stand out.
2. There are 4 top stories. I think the font that they use might be Tahoma. The colors are black and pink. They use pink on the stories they obviously want you to read more. They text size also varies, but all of the top stories text are bigger than the sub stories. The biggest one is the page number for "spring fashion" they probably want you to go to that page the most because they're showing off clothes that they're selling. The placement is layered over Lady gaga, but not completely covering her. I think they did this because if they tried to keep the text from overlapping it would have been too small.
3.There are 3 sub stories. The font is all black, and the size is the same for all. It is probably Tahoma too. They are placed right under a top story. 

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