Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is my fabric drawing. I thought I would really hate drawing this, but it's my favorite so far. It was really fun to use white and black charcoal on colored paper. It was my first time doing that so I had a hard time figuring out how to shade it at first. I tried different techniques throughout it, but I mainly stuck to putting the dark parts in first and the light parts later. I think the way they blended together ended up looking nice. I usually draw on white paper with something dark, but drawing on red paper with black and white was really interesting. I think leaving certain parts red made it look really cool.
The lighting was really interesting too, I put a lot of emphasis on the dark parts. I think that made it look cool, but I didn't make it look life like. It was cool looking at other peoples drawings and seeing what they had done. Everyone had such different styles, and they focused on different things. Some people had really soft transitions that made it look really realistic. It amazes me that even though we're all drawing the same thing it can look so different depending on the person. 
It was overall really fun to draw this. The only part I disliked was the block I put at the bottom. I feel like it's really ugly and takes away from the fabric. I also struggled with losing my place in the drawing and adding more wrinkles than what was actually there. I messed up more with that on the top piece of fabric, I didn't lose my place as much with the bottom part. I need to work on spacing things out better in the future, but I'm still satisfied with this piece. 

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