Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blog post #2

After finishing my text art project I moved onto time in art. I first found inspiration on Pinterest.

For my challenges I observed something that happens a particular time each day. I picked observing a sunset.
I've always loved sunsets because you'll never see two that are exactly the same.

For my second challenge I had to find something "timeless" I had to look no further than my seat neighbor, Ambika.
That's a beauty that'll be admired for generations.

For my final project I decided that I'm going to paint my feelings for twelve days.

These are the three I've done so far. As you can see my emotions can change drastically over a short amount of time. I think one of my favorite things about art is that it's a snapshot of your mental state during the time you made it. Although an artist might not be directly painting their emotions like I am, it still can show through somehow. And like a sunset your feelings will always be there, but they'll never be exactly the same as they were the day before. Each painting shows who I once was and who I'll never be again, even if it was only a short time away. 

Since this project is going to take a few days I've decided to start working on another along side of it. I've started the print making unit and you can see my inspiration here.

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